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Croak is Woke - Build Example

Build by Anonymous on 03-07-2018 Views: 4593 | Score 1

Thorn Ultimate Build

Build by Anonymous on 03-19-2018 Views: 3690 | Score -1

Assassin Nation

Build by firegold360 on 03-15-2018 Views: 2910 | Score 1

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Unconventional and fast 3v3 Solo Ranked specc

Build by wuzzle on 04-02-2018 Views: 1901 | Score 1

the living nightmare

Build by Anonymous on 04-02-2018 Views: 1669 | Score 0

testing more stuff, please ignore

Build by moxian on 04-01-2018 Views: 1723 | Score -1

Site Updated

Just posting information about the recent site update.


  • Switched site design color from light to dark.
  • Made site design more modular.
  • Added basic match history to player look up.
  • Fixed hero sorting to reflect most played in player look up.
  • Fixed bug where if there were no builds on a view page it would not properly link to that characters build creation link.

Updates Planned:

  • Adding one 'Default' build for 2v2 and 3v3 for every character.
  • In-depth match history for the 5 most recent matches of a player.
  • Find a Friend/Teammate feature.
  • 2v2, 3v3, and team statistics for player lookup.

As always, let me know your feedback or if you've encountered any bugs at Alpha Launch

Hey all, just a short post here to introduce myself and the site.

Not much to say about myself, I'm just a web developer who was bored and wanted a fun project to work on. I always had trouble trying to look up what battlerites to use, seemed like everything that showed up was a long indepth guide that never really had a build in it. So I decided to build this for fun.

As for the site, this is just an alpha launch. The UI/UX will definitely be improved in the future, as well as a few other features.

Current Features:

  • Build Creation
  • Build Views
  • Player Lookup
  • Featured Streams

I have most of the core functionality complete so I decided to release this as an alpha version. If you find any notable bugs or have feedback please send them to If you're a UI/UX designer and would like to help out, let me know as well.

Feel free to click through and create a build :)