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Croak is Woke - Build Example

Build by Anonymous on 03-07-2018 Lethal Toxins, Triple Strike, Slippery Skin, Noxious Reaction, Frog Frenzy Views: 1226 | Score 1

The Way of the Spear

Build by Anonymous on 03-09-2018 Ceremonial Spear, Thrust, Swift Feet, Ferocious Stance, Dirty Tricks Views: 252 | Score 1

Sneaky demon.

Build by Anonymous on 03-15-2018 Disruption, Whizz, Wreak Havoc, Bolted, Face Melt Views: 192 | Score 1

Silence Pearl

Build by rafaeL on 03-15-2018 Rippling Waters, Soaking Wet, Gush, Sea Bubble, Ocean Sage Views: 134 | Score 1

Optimal Zander

Build by rafaeL on 03-15-2018 Heart Restoration, Arcane Conductor, Stacked Deck, Showdown, Lead Astray Views: 259 | Score 1

Agressive build

Build by rafaeL on 03-15-2018 Dehydration, Shared Fate, Chrono Shift, Sand Storm, Sand Struck Views: 151 | Score 1

Assassin Nation

Build by firegold360 on 03-15-2018 Taste of Blood, Cripple, Firing Mechanism, Go for the Throat, Inspiration Views: 604 | Score 1

LemonCake's Turbo Varesh 3/15/18

Build by LemonCake~ on 03-15-2018 Fervor, Unlimited Power, Celerity, Zeal, Inhibitor Views: 312 | Score 1

testing stuff

Build by Anonymous on 03-09-2018 Natures Cycles Cycle, Weakening Pitch, Bountiful Tree, Healthful Bark, Refreshing Seed Views: 152 | Score 0

The one and only polomba build you'll ever need but maybe I'm wrong and I'm just testing the character limit I hope I won't break anything..

Build by Anonymous on 03-09-2018 Into The Realm, Vengeful Spirit, Spiritual Wind, Affection, Silver Fang Views: 273 | Score 0