Underrated 3v3 Blossom Build

Build by Anonymous on 03-09-2018

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blossom Battlerite - Natures Cycles Cycle

Natures Cycles Cycle

Natures Cycles Cycle

Reduces your weapon charge cooldown by 30%.

blossom Battlerite - Fluttering Grace

Fluttering Grace

Fluttering Grace

You move 10% faster for each nearby ally affected by Butterflies.

blossom Battlerite - Kindhearted



Nourish heals 2 bonus health when healing another ally. Butterflies heals for 2 bonus health.

blossom Battlerite - Hop and Skip!

Hop and Skip!

Hop and Skip!

Hop can be recast to jump towards target position.

blossom Battlerite - Healthful Bark

Healthful Bark

Healthful Bark

Tree of Life gains 10 more health.

Author Advice

This is the Build I am currently running for 3s.

Core Rites.

[Natures Cicle][Hop and Skip!]

These two rites should be played in almost all Blossom builds!

Core build Rites.

[Kindhearted][Flattering Gracer] (Heal Rites)

If your playstyle is a more passive healer, Kindhearted is still a great Rite. Flattering Grace however is a very underated Rite in my opinion, adding 10% movement from healing ANY allie including yourself and your tree, that results in 20-30% movement speed almost permantly. 


1. Helps with survivability even more for both againt melee and ranged enemies with this extra movement.

2. Team positioning! A lot of times your team will dive hard and you ll be left behind. The extra movement will help you keep up and follow them around without having to use your Jump or your mount and waste time.

Flexible Rite

[Healthful Bark]

This rite is the standard pick. It will help your EX2 tree abosrb more damage or better protect from projectiles.

However it is very flexible and almost all other rites can be picked based on the situation!

[gift of nature]

Good if you face 2 or 3 melee comps. 
[refreshing seed]

Good against Melee's that would benefit from hitting your tree and gain energy like Shifu or Freya. If you kite around the tree they will attack it to gain the energy/shield but after killing it will give you the speed to escape without wasting other cooldowns.

[spring growth]

Great for more agressive play

Alternative Good against sticky Melees like Shifu, Raigon, Freya or Croak or Thorn to knock you back and escape the borrow. Giving a great gap opener. Use it to open the space with the melee and instantly cancel it as to not get slowed by the duration.

[growing power]

Interesting choice in a high sustain comps