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Speedy Jumong

Build by Anonymous on 03-15-2018 Perfect Shot, Precision, Viper, Panther, Death Mark Views: 1207 | Score 0

Safe poke build

Build by Anonymous on 03-15-2018 Breath of Air, Cross Cut, Throwing Technique, Wind Fury, Wind Stream Views: 1173 | Score 0

Croaky MCCroakFace

Build by Anonymous on 03-16-2018 Lethal Toxins, Slippery Skin, Venom Strike, Noxious Reaction, Frog Frenzy Views: 1236 | Score 0

Universal build

Build by fl1po on 03-18-2018 Breath of Air, Cold Wind, Cross Cut, Cyclone, Wind Stream Views: 1217 | Score 0

Runaway Lucy

Build by Maid-chan on 03-21-2018 Stimulant, Alacrity, Potency, Deadly Brew, Swift Roll Views: 1637 | Score 0

the living nightmare

Build by Anonymous on 04-02-2018 Grim Edge, Wicked Strike, Demonic Hunt, Cold Embrace, Tenacious Demon Views: 1310 | Score 0

Thorn Ultimate Build

Build by Anonymous on 03-19-2018 Branch Out, Regrowth, Impaling Roots, Lurker, No Escape Views: 2730 | Score -1

testing more stuff, please ignore

Build by moxian on 04-01-2018 Natures Cycles Cycle, Weakening Pitch, Hop and Skip!, Healthful Bark, Spring Growth Views: 1341 | Score -1